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How it all began ...

Nashville Palace

Nashville based Cumberland Hospitality Group was born as a result of the vision of founder Barrett Hobbs' grandfather John A Hobbs. This story was started before Barrett was born with the turning of the dirt from the Rudy Family Farms in what now is Music Valley across from The Grand Ole Opry and Gayorld's Opryland Hotel. This century old farm was the humble beginnings of what became the area that launched Nashville's Country Music tourism. Barrett's family including his father Ronnie, uncles, cousins and grandfather turned fields of grass into fields of country music and a place for tourists to rub elbows with the stars of The Grand Ole Opry.

Scoreboard Bar

In 1996 Barrett and his dad started The Scoreboard Bar and Grill, this idea was to have a place for locals to hide from tourists and enjoy the Valley family of the tourism industry.  In 1998 it was announced the Opryland theme park would close for what is now the Opry Mills Mall.  This drove a nail of uncertainty and fiscal panic to the area.  The Valley took a blow in foot traffic, but from there was  a shift happening with locals and a new live music heartbeat on Broadway.  Barrett saw this grow and in 2010 he joined partners and opened Whiskey Bent Saloon.  This growth forced the need for some type of management organization. Since the properties were touched closely by the Cumberland River it seemed logical to use that in the name.


Shortly this new venture allowed for opening Bootleggers Inn, Silver Dollar Saloon, Doc Hollidays and a premier events company that helped prove Music City was truly the city for fun.  CHG not only helped events in Nashville, but partnered with Global companies like GMR Marketing to help host 100s of corporate events across the United States.  CHG was helping shape a great time on Broadway and helping take Nashville from San Francisco, Connecticut, Texas, Florida and everywhere in between for Visa, Philip Morris Tobacco, Nascar, Harley Davidson and many more.

the fun continues

Today CHG helps oversee these properties and has added waterfront partnerships on Old Hickory lake in TN, Percy Priest in TN, and in spring of 2024, two new locations in Orange Beach Alabama right on the Florida line. CHG crosses over from dining, live music venues, Honky tonks, liquor stores, convenience stores, fine catering and most of all fun.  

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